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Tamara Davis-Jack

      Why did you start Positivity Has A Purpose?


In my lifetime, I seek to replace generational curses with a blueprint for living a positive life and protecting our mental health. With services that will range from speaking, ministerial duties, grant writing and credit repair. Small changes and expanded knowledge can affect how an entire demographic view, processes emotions, and conduct themselves.


PHAP is not about me. It's totally giving weight to the possibility that we can live the best of our life for the rest of our life. Authentically.

Tamara Davis-Jack

CEO, Positivity Has A Purpose

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The Deets: Story Behind The Brand

The story behind my brand is honestly not so different than anyone you might meet on any given day. I am epilepsy, aneurism, rape, and domestic violence survivor. After suffering years of depression and falling into dark places, I began to wonder what life would be like if I was happy all the time. I literally would watch people who smiled all the time and wanted to feel that way too.

It started with me really taking stock of my life and the part I played in my own demise. It is true that sometimes, we are the weapon formed against us that prospers. Trust me, those weapons were prospering lol. I was taught that “what goes on in the house stays in the house” so I didn’t consider counseling. I began to truly think two or three times about everything step I took, being conscious of doing what made me happy. If the action I was considering did not lend to my happiness and/or elevation of my mood, it had to go. That is where “Positivity Has A Purpose” was born. I decided I could do more, be more, and see more if I put my mind to it. I was doing well and then on an ice-cold winter afternoon in November, I got fired from my job. I was driving home crying wondering “what am I going to do now”. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the signs for Harrisburg Area Community College and decided to go in to see what they were offering. I ended up taking my placement tests and filing for financial aid that day. I left with a full scholarship to begin college and newfound hope for myself and my daughter.

In the middle of my undergrad degree, I suffered a brain aneurysm. At the time of my aneurysm, the medical staff and Specialist only gave me a 5% chance of living past 24 hours. I begin to pray extremely hard, harder than I ever have in my life.

The chaplain then came in and stated that my family and I should begin to get my affairs in order while I had time. I remember laying in the hospital bed and thinking how strong my mind felt, although my body was failing me. My head felt like it had a 50 lb Boulder on it but I still felt strong. I remember praying and asking God if he would let me live, that I would do the most with the time that I had left. I promised that everything and everyone I touched would grow and manifest. I made a list of all the things I wanted to do and everywhere I wanted to see. I made goals with my daughter who was nine at the time. I knew I would love to do and see them.

I was told that I would not be able to live independently or live a “normal” life after I was sick however, I finished my undergrad, went on to Penn State University to earn my Bachelor’s and Drexel University for my Masters. My PhD would come sometime later. I also gave birth to my second daughter some years later.

Simply put, I recognized that positive thinking had a huge impact on my recovery. So I thought, why not try something unfamiliar and make this a lifestyle? Why not try living this life for six months?

Those six months turned into a lifestyle and that lifestyle into a brand.