Meet The CEO

Protect Your Heart - Protect Your Peace

Tamara Davis-Jack (TDJ) is known in the industry as "The Oratorical Assassin". She is a fierce wordsmith & trifecta connector who loves to speak truth to power.


She started "Positivity Has A Purpose" in 2009 after conquering many life and health challenges. She is the bestselling author of "Manifest The Support You Deserve - Your Tribe Dictates Your Vibe", Trifecta Connector and enthusiast Public Speaker (aka Positivity Pusher).

Tamara Davis-Jack is a highly sought-after Public Speaker best known for her infectious smile and enthusiastic delivery. She has taken the world by storm with her take on positivity and its applicability in everyday life.

Protecting your mind and body all by yourself is intimidating. There are days when we all feel like quitting. But, a well-planned life and some products to come to your aid when you don’t find a ray of hope keeps you going. Protect your heart, protect your peace Allow us to come to your rescue, and save you from going deeper into monotony. Help us burst positivity in your life to protect your heart and peace.

                    Positivity Has A Purpose. Protect Your Heart - Protect Your Peace.