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Tamara Davis-Jack speaks from true experience, trials, and tribulations. TDJ not only gives you many nuggets that you can take onboard and utilize immediately, but she is also being truly transparent and providing insight into a life that was not alway “rosey”. I’ve personally witness her build a business, having no prior experience, to a level that many people with far greater experience envied.

Everything Tamara speaks about in her book she’s lived, so there’s no doubt that she knows what it takes. One thing she doesn’t expound upon is her tenacity and commitment. She is truly committed to her faith, family, and her team. More importantly, in this context, she’s committed to your success.


Court Patterson

Review of "Manifest The Support You Deserve"

“Manifest The Support You Deserve: Your Tribe Dictates Your Vibe” assists you with the understanding that there are multiple facets to being an entrepreneur and the importance of conducting introspection at the onset and throughout your journey.  Tamara shares insight and exhibits transparency regarding her personal journey as an entrepreneur.  Thank you Tamara Davis-Jack for putting your years of entrepreneurial expertise on paper and sharing with others!

Nicole Rushing

Review of "Manifest The Support You Deserve"

 Positivity Has A Purpose!

I have been privy to hearing this dynamic speaker on multiple occasions. As a mind, body, and spirit expert Tamara Davis-Jack wants the "whole" person to flourish.  If you get an opportunity to hear her speak, you will truly understand why this is what she stands for is so valuable.

Anonymous reviewer

“In Tears”

I had the opportunity to hear TDJ speak at an event sponsored by my college, Johnson C. Smith University.  I was in tears 5 minutes into her presentation.  She exudes love, positivity, and light that is s needed in today's society.  I was honored to sit and talk to her for a while after the event.  Now, she is stuck with me! If you get the opportunity to hear her speak...JUMP ON IT!  Life changing....

Stacey Belle | Student

I have been following Tamara Davis-Jack on social media for over 7 years.  The daily nuggets she gives ensure that I keep my perspective clear and positivity at the foremost part of my life.

TDJ always "say positivity doesn't make you perfect, it puts you in  position for your purpose." She is absolutely right!  I am in position thanks to her!

Dr. Curtis Hilds

Brooklyn, NY




"Tamara spoke to a group at a conference I attended.  Due to several speakers having tecnical difficulty her time was cut almost in half.  In her limited time on stage, she was able to bring a powerful individual message to everyone in the room.  I am glad she was the last speaker, she gave all of us exactly what we needed to go home on fire!  

Barbara Daniels

Authors for Authors, Inc.

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